Steak Spice 60g

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Technically this is called "Steak Spice" but this seasoning is great on steak, roasts, burgers, chicken, fish, veggies, a great little shaker topping to poutine, added to gravy or "au jus" and so much more. The difference between this blend and Montreal Steak spice is that we blend a slightly different group of spices. Montreal spice has dill seeds and is much coarser. This blend is far more versatile and ground finer for ease of use. It has a little bite of spicy heat.. really, more of a nibble. Because it has less salt than most blends, it has a higher ratio of actual spices so, a little goes a long way, use as a seasoning, not a rub. 

For an easy snack on the BBQ or in the oven or AirFryer.  Make Pork Twizzlers!  Slice pork belly into strips that look like bacon.  Wrap slices around a skewer, season with Steak Spice and pop into a 300°F oven until it begins to brown, then flip and cook until done -about 15-20 minutes.