About Us

About Us:

Axe to Grind - Simplifying great meals with tasty spice blends

Axe To Grind Foods is a local company, based in Middle Sackville, NS.  We use the finest ingredients to create our Axe To Grind spice blends, rubs, KETO versions of rubs and blends, popcorn toppings and drink rimmers (both sweet and savoury). 

With a background in slinging meat (running butcher shops), studying culinary arts and making great food, we have developed some tasty blends. We look forward to more product development and an ever-increasing diversity of blends.


Team Canada's Women at World Double Bit Axe Throwing Championships in Sweden, 2019.
We began as fundraising effort for our Canadian National Axe Throwing Team to travel to the 2019 World Double Bit Axe Throwing Championships in Sweden. Why? Because Cynthia Kennedy, the heart and soul of Axe To Grind, was the Canadian Team Captain at the worlds that year.  
Guess what? Our spice blends were so popular that we decided to share more broadly so everyone can enjoy. Perfect as local gifts and must have staple flavours for your pantry to wow your family and friends – again and again.

The Canadian Gift bags to our Swedish hosts included Axe To Grind spices.  Fun fact: our Halifaxe Donair blend is named as a “tip of the hat” to a sponsor of the team that provided training facilities. (Timber Lounge Halifaxe).  Technically, they put the “AXE” in Halifaxe! 

Giving Back:

We’re still helping out double bit axe throwing athletes in Canada! We are a proud supporter of the Nova Lumberjacks Society, a non-profit that is growing and promoting Lumberjack sports and its athletes!  NLS hosted the bi-annual World Double Bit Axe Throwing Championships in 2022 in Barrington, Nova Scotia. (find it on TSN) Axe to Grind was a proud sponsor of the event and of Team Canada.