KETO Halifaxe Donair

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How is this KETO?  There is no gluten in this recipe. I changed up the  recipe to tweak the remaining ingredients to bring the flavour profile back to the original (original made with wheat) blend.

This is the quintessential Donair mix. Others have tried, but this is a truly great blend. In order to get the spices to permeate the meat and achieve the texture of a true Donair, you MUST follow the directions on the package. Your efforts will be rewarded! You can make a loaf or burgers. Here's a recipe for Traditional Donair Sauce: 

Donair Sauce Recipe

The name of this product is a "tip of the hat" to "Timber Lounge Halifaxe" who provided sponsorship to Canada's National Axe Throwing Team. (yes, we have a National Axe Throwing Team).  Many of the team members train at Timber Lounge locations.  Timber Lounge technically put the AXE in Halifaxe!