Steak Spice in Reusable Glass Jar

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Technically this is called "Steak Spice" but this seasoning is great on steak, roasts, burgers, chicken, fish, veggies, a great little shaker topping to poutine, added to gravy or "au jus" and so much more. The difference between this blend and Montreal Steak spice is that we blend a slightly different group of spices. Montreal spice has dill seeds and is much coarser. This blend is far more versatile and ground finer for ease of use. It has a little bite of spicy heat.. really, more of a nibble. A little goes a long way, use as a seasoning, not a rub. (in a reusable/recyclable glass jar)

For an easy snack on the BBQ or in the oven or AirFryer.  Make Pork Twizzlers!  Slice pork belly into strips that look like bacon.  Wrap slices around a skewer, season with Steak Spice and pop into a 300°F oven until it begins to brown, then flip and cook until done -about 15-20 minutes.