Halifaxe Donair in Reusable Glass Jar

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This is the quintessential Donair mix. Others have tried, but this is a truly great blend. In order to get the spices to permeate the meat and achieve the texture of a true Donair, you MUST follow the directions on the package. Your efforts will be rewarded! You can make a loaf or burgers. Produced locally in Middle Sackville, NS. The name of this product is a "tip of the hat" to "Timber Lounge Halifaxe" who provided sponsorship to Canada's National Axe Throwing Team. (yes, we have a National Axe Throwing Team). Many of the team members train at Timber Lounge locations. Timber Lounge technically put the AXE in Halifaxe! (in a reusable/recyclable glass jar)