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The Wild Axe Dragon! Custom designed by owner Darren Hudson with 5 generations of lumberjack & sport expertise.  The “Wild Axe Dragon” was created with an acute understanding of balance and by applying old lumberjack wisdom to today’s competition standards. Dragon heads are cast, skillfully hand crafted, oil quenched, tempered and heat treated. Beautiful lines that create proper balance allow the Dragon to slice through the air. Precisely aligned with a full 6” (152mm) scoring face and fitted with a wooden handle makes this axe throw incredibly smooth and precise. 

Believe us when we say “Nothing flies like a dragon.” 

  • Blade width 6 inches 
  • Head weight 3.2 Lbs.
  • Custom Hickory or Jatoba handle
  • total weight 4.2 - 4.6  pounds