Opening Up

As we head into the summer of the unknown, we cautiously open up.  We open up businesses, parks, services, and farmers' markets.  Opening up, on so many levels, can be scary, but it can also give you a chance to stretch your boundaries and let in some fun, joy and sunshine.  

If you have health issues, getting out and opening up to see your favourite people and places can be rife with potential danger.  As a community, we need to support a safe opening so that everyone can partake.  What form that takes can be challenging, (masks, sanitizer, social distancing, hand washing stations) but we do this so everyone can participate.

This weekend, the Alderney Landing Farmers' Market is opening up as a true market for the first time since the closures.  Vendors will occupy outdoor and indoor space, in order to keep enough distance between vendors and to keep shoppers safe.  Vendors and shoppers will wear masks and there will be plexiglass barriers.  It will look different than before, but we're in different times too.  

Axe to Grind will be there with our spices, herbs, spice blends and merchandise to support this opening.  We have a tent, and despite the prediction of rain, hope that it will be only necessary to shade us from the sunshine.

It will be great to see you all face to face (well as much of a face as is visible with a mask.. lol) and enjoy your company as we open up to this next phase of normal.  I hope to see you rain or shine at the market.  So many thoughtful precautions are being taken by the market that you can actually enjoy your shopping experience without the stress of crowding.  See you there.

If you are unable to attend the outdoor market, please be sure to checkout the contact free online pickup and delivery options for your favourite market stalls:


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