New Location at Alderney Farmers' Market (Indoors)

Starting on Saturday, October 23rd, the Alderney Landing Farmers'Market comes inside.  I've enjoyed the sunshine and warmth from my customers, neighbouring vendors, and the weather outdoors this past summer, but it's time to come inside.  

Herding the cats (vendors) in this market to make space for everyone must be a pretty stressful job.  Nonetheless, the work has been done and we've been given homes indoors to keep our businesses going, through the fall and winter.  Many of us will be in new locations and some will be in the HRM building, near the library, pedway and elsewhere.  The market has coordinated with HRM to secure spots that allow us to keep going safely with social distancing.  Without this negotiation, many of us would be unable to be at the market.  I am truly grateful and I'm going to work my hiney off to succeed in this new space.

I will be in the HRM space starting this week.  You can get to my spot from the street level, or by coming across the pedway and taking the escalators... or directly from the underground parkade via elevator.  Whichever way you find me, I will reward you.  Just let me know how you found me and I will give you a free sample and enter you into a draw for an Axe To Grind T-shirt and your choice of 3 blends.  I love connecting you with the best quality spices, dried herbs and spice blends at reasonable prices.  I LOVE that you continue to make my day and that we can talk food. 

If the map remains the same, there are some REALLY amazing neighbouring vendors, so let's just say we're the COOL KIDS who want to make your meal complete with everything from meats to produce, sides, spices, condiments, desserts, floral decor, wines and so much more.

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