Falling Back into a Routine, sort of...

We are experiencing the end of the strangest summer on record.  The Atlantic Bubble is the safest place in North America in 2020 and we are beginning to return to our annual fall routine, albeit different than before.

Whether you're a student, parent or empty nester, this time of year has a natural shift of "getting back to business" to it.  We can still enjoy the sunshine, and outdoor walks in sandals and shorts, but not for too much longer.  We have already started packing our lunches and planning for roasts, soups, stews, pots of chilli and other comfort meals.

In lockdown, some learned to bake and cook, sew and budget. (we once had Home Economics class for those life skills)  For many of us, we managed to take some time to re-evaluate what's important.  I know I did.

Axe To Grind Foods grew into a registered business during this time and has become my full-time venture. (because I had a layoff from my job, at the start of Covid)  It has been the best outcome for me, personally and professionally.

I started with only 4 blends and now have over 15... plus more in development.  Some of my blends are designed to help you get a meal on the table with limited time and ingredients.  Others are designed for low temperature cooking at a slow pace.  Regardless of your "need for speed" at dinner time, I can equip you with the freshest, small batch, spice blends available.

From our humble start as a fundraiser for Canada's National Axe Throwing Team in 2018 (funds helped our team compete at the World Championships in Sweden last year), to now, the passion has always been there to get you equipped for a great meal, with fresh spices/dried herbs/blends/rubs and expert advice.

Axe To Grind has gained the attention of several retailers in a short time and now have products available for sale in several stores... with more coming soon.  

I am so grateful for the retail partners who support this business and bring the best quality products to their customers everyday.  Their enthusiasm and your enthusiasm has meant the world to me.  I love that you all understand this passion and enjoy the results.  What's amazing is getting to hear about the wonderful meals you've made with my products. I love that sooooo much!

Thank you all for your support of a small business in Middle Sackville, NS.  I look forward to seeing you and talking about food.

In case you want to look at what is currently available for sale, here is where you can find my products:

Axe To Grind   online store:  https://axetogrindfoods.com/

In Person:

Every Saturday from 8am-1pm

Alderney Landing Farmers' Market (currently in the outdoor market under a white tent - look for the Axe To Grind banner.) - Dartmouth, NS  *also available at the Alderney Landing Farmers' Market online store.



Noggins Corner Farm Market at Alderney Landing, (blends, rubs, spices)

Neighbourhood Goods General Store at the Halifax Brewery Market,(blends and rubs)

Withrow Farmers Market - Mount Uniacke, NS (spice blends & rubs only)

Getaway Farm Butcher Shop in the Hydrostone - Halifax, NS (all products)

also available in Getaway Farm Butcher Shop Online store

Cheerfetti Gift Company(Blends and Rubs)

 More to come....


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